Patrons of the Society

Mr D Barnes
Mr J Barton
Mr & Mrs D Batchelor
Mr & Mrs P Batchelor
Mr R Beaugié
Mr F Brake
Mr & Mrs J Bredbere
Dr & Mrs M Brook
Miss M Butcher
Mrs D Button
Mr & Mrs J Carey
Mr G Carter
Mr & Mrs C Castle
Miss P Chedgey
Ms H Clements
Mr H Cooper
Mr P Davison
Mr C Dawes
Mr E Demery
Mr & Mrs B P Gillard
Mr D Green MP
Mr & Mrs M House
Mrs J James
Mr & Mrs Q Johnson
Mrs A Kenwright
Mr M Logan
Mr R J Masters
Mr & Mrs A Paterson
Mrs S Powell
Mr & Mrs C D Rigley
Mr & Mrs W J D Rogers
Prof B S Rosner
Dr L Saint
Mr & Mrs R Shaw
Miss M Shorthouse
Mrs D Strode
Mr & Mrs J Stuart-Smith
Mrs J Talbot
Mr & Mrs T Tarrant
Mr & Mrs J Tattersfield
Mrs P Vafidis
Mr M Walker
Mrs M Wells
Mrs J White
Mrs E Wicks
Mr & Mrs A Willett

As at 1 July 2014

Honorary Life Member: Mrs Hilary Masters

We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial assistance given by our Patrons.

Anyone interested in becoming a Patron or being on a mailing list should contact the Hon. Secretary: Virginia Brown, 127 Sweet Bay Crescent, Ashford, Kent TN23 3HL or email As well as supporting the Society’s concerts, for an annual subscription of ¬£25 or more, Patrons have priority booking for all concerts, and the opportunity to participate in social functions of the Society.